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A Look at Endpoint Detection and Response Tools

Defending endpoints these days is no simple task. The number of endpoints in a network is always increasing and the threats targeting these devices seem to evolve every minute. With numerous vendors offering multiple solutions, organizations are left to figure out the best security provider to partner with for the most comprehensive endpoint security solution.

  • Learn more about the four primary capabilities of a valid Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution: detection of security incidents, investigation security incidents, containing the incident at the endpoint, and remediating endpoints to a pre-infection state.
  • Identify current and emerging trends in the endpoint security market, specifically around EDR.
  • Understand the vendors – such as FireEye – who have solutions in this area by reviewing their Gartner profiles.

Our Endpoint Security (HX series), which includes detection and response capabilities, seamlessly extends the threat intelligence capabilities of other FireEye products to the endpoint. If a FireEye product detects an attack anywhere in the network, endpoints are automatically updated and can be inspected for IOCs.   

FireEye HX can be deployed on premise for endpoints inside and outside the corporate network. It helps security teams detect, contain and understand the nature and purpose of known and unknown threats using features such as:

  • Triage Viewer and Audit Viewer to inspect and analyze threat indicators.
  • Enterprise Security Search to rapidly scan for, find and contain threats.
  • Data Acquisition for in-depth endpoint inspection and analysis.
  • Exploit Guard detect and alert on endpoint exploit processes.

Learn more about FireEye Endpoint Security, detection and response capabilities, and about how FireEye can protect your endpoint.