Continuous Guidance: The Newest Offering from FireEye as a Service

As organizations strive to improve their threat detection and incident response capabilities, they are constrained by ineffective tools and a lack of skilled security expertise. Security leaders looking to partner with traditional managed security service providers soon find they offer a limited set of threat detection use cases, resulting in missed threats.

A new category of Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services is emerging to help serve this need. According to Gartner, 15 percent of midsize and enterprise organizations will be using services such as MDR by 2020. FireEye anticipated this need for advanced detection and response services in 2011 and introduced FireEye as a Service.

FireEye as a Service leverages organizations’ existing security investments to provide managed detection, incident investigation and proactive hunting, thus minimizing the potential business impact of increasingly sophisticated and targeted cyber attacks. As we’ve worked with customers worldwide, we’ve evolved our service offerings to address two distinct market needs:

  • Continuous Guidance, the newest offering from FireEye as a Service, leverages both FireEye and third-party technology to help identify, validate and prioritize known and emerging threats. Upon detecting a potential threat, FaaS analysts validate and triage the incident, assigning a severity based on accumulated threat intelligence, experience and insight regarding how attackers operate.
    • Our Continuous Guidance customers will receive Incident Advisory reports that provide comprehensive information on how FireEye as a Service analysts reached their conclusion, the evidence discovered, and relevant threat intelligence to help understand the attack. 
    • If further investigation is required, Continuous Guidance outlines recommended steps that help customers determine the scope of the attack, along with providing remediation recommendations to expedite response. 
  • Continuous Vigilance harnesses the full power of FireEye as a Service, providing detection, proactive hunting and thorough investigation of known and emerging threats.
    • With Continuous Vigilance, FireEye as a Service analysts thoroughly investigate incidents to establish whether a compromise has occurred, and provide security teams with an expert assessment of the nature, scope and implications of the incident – along with tailored remediation steps specific to the environment.
    • FaaS analysts also proactively hunt for covert indicators of an active or attempted compromise that evade traditional technology defenses. 

Many organizations today rely on services that were never designed to deal with today’s highly sophisticated, advanced and targeted attacks. FireEye as a Service detects the undetectable, providing answers and detailed context – who, what, when, how –  to ensure organizations are able to effectively respond to and defend against today’s threats.

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