FireEye Helix: The New Standard in Security Operations

As the threat landscape evolves, organizations tend to expand their security teams and adopt new tools in order to improve visibility and accelerate response. Yet many times these efforts introduce more complexity and inefficiency, and do not work out as planned. As noted in our latest M-Trends report, the global median time from compromise to discovery is 99 days, which is far too long.

One of the bigger problems is that as security operations scale, dozens of lower fidelity products and consoles generate a myriad of alerts. According to reports, organizations receive roughly 17,000 alerts each week, with only 19 percent of these alerts being deemed reliable. Without the benefit of context and analytics, it is hard to connect the right dots, prioritize real threats, and chart a path to immediate resolution. Security analysts end up buried in the alert volume, spending more time on error-prone manual processes and ultimately leaving the organization exposed to more risk.

The security operations experience today leaves a lot to be desired, and adding more products or people isn’t necessarily the recipe for success. Security operations should be simple, which is precisely why we created FireEye Helix – a platform that is built with our most advanced technology, intelligence and expertise.

We designed FireEye Helix specifically to simplify, integrate, and automate security operations so that organizations can get the most out of their security infrastructure, prepare for known, unknown, and malware-less attacks, and finally, go from alert to fix in minutes, not days.

With FireEye Helix now generally available, organizations will be able to:

  • Expand visibility into known and unknown threats by combining our award-winning network and endpoint detection technology with a unified console that centralizes alerts from both FireEye solutions and the rest of an organization’s security infrastructure. FireEye Helix will:
    • Identify threats and validate alerts with the patented FireEye MVX technology to help eliminate false positives.
    • Overlay FireEye rules and analytics to prioritize threats hidden in existing alert volume.
    • Apply nation-grade intelligence from 1,000 experts tracking over 16,000 threat groups to proactively understand the latest threats that may be targeting your organization.
  • Accelerate response with contextual analyses and the ability to quickly pivot from detection to remediation. FireEye Helix will:
    • Infuse our intelligence with unparalleled context to simplify threat alert monitoring, triage and investigation.
    • Help respond to threats faster with automation and hundreds of rules created and constantly updated by FireEye.
  • Reduce and manage operational costs by enhancing the value of existing tools while helping to future proof their investment. FireEye Helix will:
    • Streamline operations and help prevent costly manual errors with automated correlation.
    • Make any log source more valuable by overlaying threat intelligence and analytics to surface true threats
    • Receive as-a-service security and threat intelligence updates without impacting ongoing operation, at no incremental CAPEX expenditures.

CISOs are counted on to continually improve their security operations, and Helix helps do just that. FireEye Helix is designed to simplify, integrate and automate cyber security so that when a breach happens, organizations can go from alert to fix in minutes.

FireEye Helix – simplify, integrate, and automate.

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