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Stop the Noise – Eliminate Alert Fatigue

A common takeaway from the conversations FireEye is having with security leaders is that traditional detection products are generating high numbers of false positives and, more often than not, true threats are missed entirely or are buried in a sea of alerts. Additionally, most of these security products lack the context to help analysts understand and help prioritize alerts.

At FireEye, we believe organizations must go further than simple threat detection – they need to be able to triage alerts and determine how to prioritize them. Tools to help investigate and analyze attacks often cannot rapidly or adequately identify the motivations or methods of attackers, which gives bad actors more time to inflict damage. These technology shortcomings force security analysts into busywork that not only results in lost productivity, but also increases the risk of bad actors invading an organization’s network(s) and wreaking havoc.

FireEye believes a security as a service solution will eliminate the pain organizations feel from the alert overload generated by conventional security products, especially since many of those alerts are unreliable or false positives.

To address this important issue, the security solution must offer high fidelity detection with low false positives. By applying intelligence, analytics and expertise, the security solution should dramatically reduce the volume of alerts that require human attention. All alerts should include some context so that they can be correctly prioritized and understood, allowing organizations to respond quickly, efficiently and accurately. This intelligence and context may be derived from forward-deployed intelligence operatives or even gathered from a community of organizations that share similar target traits.

The end goal is to sidestep millions of time-wasting alerts and quickly identify and resolve the most critical alerts, thus keeping the enterprise as safe as possible in the most efficient way possible. When all is said and done, a security as a service solution is expected to deliver the security capability and scalability critical to sustaining and maintaining the well-being of the organization.

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