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Four Elements of Future-Proof Security

FireEye’s vision of security as a service is a flexibly deployed combination of technology and intelligence and expertise that provides organizations with situational awareness of the threats they face, as well as the ability to easily manage the prioritized actions for their security program.

The end goal is for entities to have a security posture that enables them to anticipate and prepare for any threats that may target the organization. In-house security teams can then shift their focus from security to risk management, which helps increase organizational agility due to a clear understanding of risks and mitigation strategies.

As with other as-a-service solutions, security as a service must be quick to deploy. This means organizations should be able to be up and running in a matter of hours. In addition to deployment speed, flexibility includes aspects of elasticity and visibility.

Visibility into your security operations – an awareness of what security activities you conduct and how you conduct them – keeps your security program under your control, whether you use a partner’s expertise or your own.

Elasticity requires that organizations be able to match their needs, based on their security maturity, with provider capabilities. Deployment form factors must be selectable, including on premise, cloud-based, hardware, software, self-service and fully managed. Pricing would ideally be subscription or use-driven to favorably conform to security consumption, allowing organizations to increase and reduce spending as needed based on actual service usage.

Download the FireEye Security as a Service: Four Elements of Future-Proof Security white paper to learn more.