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Making Automation & Orchestration More Accessible with FireEye Security Orchestrator

We recently released a host of updates to FireEye Security Orchestrator (FSO) – all with the goal of making FSO’s automation and orchestration more accessible to customers. We’ve made updates to the UI, reporting and case management functionalities, added developer-friendly tools, and expanded our library of playbooks.

With these updates, our goal with FSO remains the same: to automate as many level-one and repeatable tasks as possible to simplify customers’ security operations and enable their teams to focus on the most important threats in their environment.

A Simpler UI

Automation and orchestration are all about giving organizations speed – so they can go from alert-to-fix in minutes. This is why we’ve made it easier for security teams to see the right case data and suggested responses in their dashboard. A new case alert widget automatically notifies you of new incidents, and new action indicators make it easy to launch a response. Now with a detailed timeline view for individual cases and a task execution link, responders will be able to take action with more context and recommended workflows.

Validating Configurations

To make sure your security operations in FSO are properly configured, we developed a new configuration validation system that tells you when a specific object is misconfigured or if a specific object has an issue due to another object’s configuration. This new functionality should allow you to address security operations breakdowns faster than ever. 

Developer-Friendly Tools

A huge part of the power of FSO is its ability to integrate with a variety of products our customers have in their security operations. We are dedicated to helping ensure that developers can easily build, test and ship their integrations, which is why we have built a new plug-in test harness. This new harness allows developers to test and validate their code in a simpler, faster manner than before. 

All of these new features combined with our industry-leading intelligence give us a unique perspective. We’re able to codify this information to develop the pre-built playbooks that power our customers automated responses and ultimately save them time and risk.

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