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Intelligence First: How Threat Intelligence Enriches Security Consulting Services

Limited room in the budget, a shortage of skilled professionals, and the noise produced by a massive number of security events generated by numerous security products – these are just some of the problems being faced by organizations of all sizes and industries around the world.

To identify and combat threats, analysts must not only become experts at working with a myriad of security products, they also must understand how attackers think, how they operate and what data they are targeting. It is a daunting task to train employees on all this, which is why many organizations have turned to cyber security consulting service providers.

But even cyber security consulting service providers are falling behind. The traditional approach to consulting is based on outdated best practices, generic standards and industry groupings. These can be useful, but could also result in lower quality engagements, thus opening the door to repeated compromises in an environment.

Enter cyber threat intelligence (CTI). In our white paper, Intelligence First: How Threat Intelligence Enriches Security Consulting Services, we discuss how truly effective cyber security consulting requires a foundation of threat intelligence, including:

  • An in-depth knowledge of threat actor tactics, techniques and procedures, and an understanding of attacker motivations.
  • Victim intelligence, which provides consultants with valuable information about how attackers gain access to target environments, as well as their intent and their methods of operation.
  • A combination of victimology with robust adversary-focused intelligence, which can provide additional clarity on attacker motivations, objectives and capabilities.

The use of CTI in consulting not only improves the quality of the engagement and better prevents adversaries from returning, but it also results in much better post-engagement recommendations – and ultimately a better bang for your buck.

What sets FireEye Mandiant consultants apart from the rest is our practical approach to cyber security rooted in core fundamentals with industry-leading CTI to deliver pragmatic, risk-based recommendations. Not only are our consultants experts in their field, but they have the benefit of working with the world’s largest private intelligence gathering, combined from FireEye iSIGHT adversary intelligence, FireEye machine intelligence, and Mandiant victim intelligence.

Download our white paper, Intelligence First: How Threat Intelligence Enriches Security Consulting Services, to learn more.