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FireEye Endpoint Security (HX) 4.0 – Bringing Advanced Protection to Endpoints

A constant concern about Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP) is that they miss a number of threats, forcing organizations to spend an exorbitant amount of time trying to find and clean up damage. And even when an endpoint protection product does successfully stop a threat, it doesn’t capture details on the incident. Traditional endpoint protection can’t find out what an attack or attacker was attempting to do, so an analyst can’t inspect or review threat activities to determine the exact scope of the threat.

To address the wide variety of threat types and methodologies organizations are constantly facing requires integrated capabilities. Important components include automated threat protection to address the overwhelming volume of threats, along with integrated threat intelligence and endpoint visibility. This enables analysts to gather details on high-risk threats so they understand the threat and can quickly determine an effective response.

FireEye Endpoint Security 4.0 is the next generation of endpoint protection. Not only can it help detect what anti-virus detects, but also what it misses. Its comprehensive endpoint visibility and threat intelligence enables analysts to adapt their defense based on real-time details to deploy informed, tailored responses to threat activity. FireEye Endpoint Security delivers protection beyond a single limited methodology. It enhances overall threat protection by integrating key security mechanisms within a single agent and threat management workflow system.

For analysts to scale their capabilities requires comprehensive endpoint visibility to quickly and confidently determine the who, what, where and when of a threat. This must be delivered within an integrated and automatic threat detection and prevention system that is tightly coupled with threat intelligence and detailed threat visibility. With this advanced platform, analysts can build their own localized intelligence knowledge base to better understand and respond to threats and suspicious activity.

FireEye Endpoint with malware protection (anti-virus) and detection, now with prevention and remediation, is unique not only because of its integrated multiple detection and prevention capabilities, but also because of its behavior and exploit analysis in Exploit Guard and threat intelligence and visibility – all within a single system and threat data analysis workflow.

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