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The Changing World of Endpoint Protection,The Changing World of Endpoint Protection

Endpoint protection platforms (EPPs) represent the holistic approach to defending the endpoint. They are designed to detect and prevent known cyber threats using fixed techniques, protection methodologies that have been part of the endpoint protection design for decades – although with some modifications over time. Still, EPPs have plenty of room for improvement.

In our white paper, Tomorrow’s Endpoint Protection Platforms, we discuss the current state of endpoint protection, and the evolution required for EPPs to better protect against modern threats.

Today’s threats are simply more sophisticated and generally backed up by threat actors who actively direct the attack process. These attackers will adapt to the defenses they encounter and change their playbook as needed, meaning the ability to better protect endpoints requires a defense that can adapt to an attack based on actual attack patterns. It also requires that organizations have the means to understand threats so they can adapt their protection based on the threats they see, all in real-time.

Download the white paper to see what should be considered for a smarter, more comprehensive endpoint protection platform. Also, learn about the capabilities endpoint protection needs to work in conjunction with more traditional protection to fill in security gaps. The result is a way to help adapt protection in as close to real-time as possible, and best protect the endpoint.