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The CISO’s Most Effective Weapon: Threat Intelligence

The role of the CISO has changed in recent years. What once was a role focused on basic cyber hygiene and compliance is now a position that often reports on security directly to the C-level.

Today’s most effective CISOs are those who have embraced cyber threat intelligence and transitioned from reliance on low-quality threat feeds and regulatory concerns to implementing security programs that effectively recognize and respond to attacks based on their specific company’s profile.

Threat intelligence is what can prevent small incursions from becoming complete compromises – and do so in minutes, not months. Enterprises can no longer afford to be reactive in their security strategies and only respond to incidents after they occur. Instead, the modern threat landscape requires an approach rooted in actionable information that not only predicts how an organization will be attacked, but also identifies the likely attackers and their intentions, and uses that information to build the proper defensive strategy.

In our white paper, The CISO’s Most Effective Weapon: Threat Intelligence, we discuss more about the evolving role of the CISO and how threat intelligence can be leveraged to better protect the organization. Additionally, the white paper discusses:

  • The evolution of threat intelligence
  • Intelligence versus alert data
  • Creating context
  • Accelerating identification, response and remediation
  • And more…

The most successful CISOs are the ones who have learned how to utilize cyber threat intelligence to alter how their organizations detect and respond to threats, and just as importantly, how they manage them.

Download the white paper to learn more.