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The Cost of No Context: The Value of True Cyber Threat Intelligence

The most successful IT security executives know that cyber threat intelligence is essential for detecting and preventing advanced attacks from attackers with specific agendas and targets. However, even experienced IT executives must navigate through competing vendor claims to evaluate cyber threat intelligence offerings.

Our white paper, The Cost of No Context: The Value of True Cyber Threat Intelligence, will help executives and cyber security leaders clearly differentiate between threat data feeds and genuine cyber threat intelligence. The white paper dives into what makes cyber threat intelligence far more useful, including all about how it:

  • Provides visibility into new types of advanced attacks that could potentially result in multimillion-dollar data breaches.
  • Helps organizations respond faster to real threats and reduce the risk of serious breach consequences.
  • Helps IT managers communicate real security risks and business issues to non-technical business managers and top executives.
  • Allow managers to plan risk management strategies and security investments based on current and emerging adversaries and threat types.

While cyber threat intelligence tends to cost more than threat data feeds, it also does so much more. It allows enterprises to become proactive and prepare themselves for future adversaries and threats, rather than reacting to older attacks. Not only does intelligence provide greater visibility into threats, but it also enables faster response to targeted attacks, better executive communication, and improved strategic planning and investment by the security organization.

Download the white paper to learn more.