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Increase Your Incident Response Effectiveness with a Security Operations Platform

The world around us is changing constantly, affecting everything from our personal lives to the ways we do business. Notably, the pace of modern breakthroughs is unprecedented, and it is moving at an exponential rather than linear rate. From public and private sectors to academia and civil society, enterprise infrastructure complexity is evolving just as quickly; and unsurprisingly, so are cyber security threats.

Preparing for the inevitable attack or breach is a must; however, putting a comprehensive incident response strategy together with so many moving parts is no simple task. Each enterprise has its own unique set of constraints, and computer intrusions are more complex than ever before, sometimes involving hundreds of compromised systems physically located in various places around the world.

Ultimately, it has become quite the challenge for security operations to scale at the same pace as innovation, particularly with organizations relying on an insurmountable number of security tools and artifacts that are both loosely integrated and not designed to adapt as threats evolve. Moreover, lack of ownership and business silo issues delay effective containment and remediation.

And scalability isn’t the only issue – there are several other key shortcomings to note when looking at ubiquitous security technologies:

  • Endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions are often not ready for use, or have not been fully deployed across the enterprise.
  • Traditional intrusion detection and prevention system (IDPS) solutions are often limited in their ability detect post-exploitation activity such as lateral movement.
  • Security information and event management (SIEM) solutions often are not scaled to aggregate all log sources from systems in the environment because it is impracticable.
    • Furthermore, on SIEM:
      • Mandiant investigations have shown that gaps exist in the logs forwarded to the SIEM.
      • Log ingestion and indexing issues can impact the completeness or ability to effectively search the information.
      • SIEM solutions often end up raising more questions than they provide answers.

With all of this in mind, organizations across various industries are starting to realize that having an effective and efficient security operation is not only advantageous from an operational perspective, but also from a strategic one. To achieve this, it is paramount to have a streamlined incident response plan built on top of a unified security operations platform, constantly fueled by unparalleled cyber threat intelligence.

The following are the five key elements of a unified security operations platform:

  1. Relevant and reliable cyber threat intelligence to strategically manage risk and accelerate the ability to prioritize and respond to threats.
  2. Enterprise-wide visibility to effectively detect and trace an attack across major threat vectors.
  3. Contextual guidance through adaptive investigative playbooks, augmenting the security operation capacity and accelerating incident response.
  4. Fast and effective threat containment and remediation to minimize impact.
  5. Quick and automated acquisition of all the relevant forensic evidence, from cloud infrastructure to endpoints outside of the enterprise network.

By having a unified security operations platform with cyber threat intelligence tailored to your specific infrastructure and industry, security teams can quickly assess risk, prioritize alerts and focus on what matters most: minimizing exposure to attacks, and saving time and money by increasing the efficiency of security operations. In some cases, response and remediation can drop from days to minutes.

FireEye Helix is a security operations platform that provides a comprehensive unified platform for security operations. It works as a scalable foundation that connects and enhances your current security solutions, including some non-FireEye products. It streamlines your incident response process and empowers your security teams to efficiently conduct primary functions such as alert management, search, analysis, investigations and reporting – all in a single pane of glass.

In the end, FireEye Helix helps eliminate various hurdles, enabling security teams to focus on what’s most important: protecting the organization.