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The Future is Bright for FireEye Email Security

I recently had a chance to sit down and chat about email security with Ken Bagnall, VP of the FireEye Email Security side of the business. Ken came to FireEye following our 2017 acquisition of The Email Laundry, where he was a founder and CEO.

During our chat, Ken and I discussed a wide variety of topics, including Ken’s history in the industry and how he got into email security, how the merging of The Email Laundry with FireEye was the perfect fit, up-and-coming email threats such as malware-less attacks and imposter-based attacks, and what FireEye is doing to stay ahead of these threats and ensure customers remain protected.

Check out our podcast today, and also learn more about how FireEye Email Security can help defend against today’s most widely used – and lesser known – email attacks.