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Australian MSSP OpSys Protects Assets and Creates New Service Offerings with FireEye Helix

With cyber threats evolving every day and the bad guys becoming increasingly creative with their attacks, the need for organizations to develop and tighten security measures has never been greater. Additionally, attacker targeting has expanded, meaning organizations of all sizes can no longer get by with just basic levels of protection. In fact, smaller organizations are more attractive targets than ever before, primarily because less investment is made in security and, thus, fewer protections are in place.

Australia-based OpSys is a managed security service provider (MSSP) that takes the trust of its clients very seriously, making it imperative for the company to create a foundation that leverages best-in-class technologies and processes. Seeking a solution that would reduce the time between detection and remediation, while expanding visibility across all the environments the company manages, OpSys deployed FireEye Helix to leverage its advanced security capabilities, backed by threat intelligence gathered from around the globe.

“As part of our process to deploy Helix for a new client, we use it to detect if hackers have already been active in their environment and for how long,” Matthew Fabri, OpSys CEO and founder, said. “It’s amazing to see the impact FireEye Helix can deliver within 48 hours of being installed. The platform gives us so much information about exactly what’s happening and what has previously occurred. If there is anything malicious that has gone undetected, we can immediately eradicate it.”

FireEye Helix works as a seamless and scalable foundation to gather event data from FireEye and non-FireEye solutions in an environment. FireEye’s single, unified interface provides end-to-end visibility and management using one set of credentials.

The inbuilt analytics and intelligence of FireEye Helix enables OpSys to discover hidden patterns and anomalies in event data, enhancing the efficacy of existing security investments. With enhanced visibility, centralized security functions and automated workflows, the reduced operational expenses enable OpSys to price its Security as a Service offering at a compelling level for customers.

While OpSys offers Helix to its clients, the company also relies on the platform internally. In fact, OpSys wants its customers to know that they use the exact same solution to protect its own assets, such as their data center, internal systems, and security operations center.

“FireEye Helix gives us visibility across all of the environments for which we are responsible: our own and our clients,” Fabri said. “The unified mission control centralizes all the alerts and overlays this data with world-class analytics and intelligence processing, providing us unmatched remediation performance and a clear action plan. There’s no other company I would rather partner with.”