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FireEye Email Security Shines at SC Awards Europe 2018

FireEye Email Security took top honors at SC Awards Europe 2018, and it’s little wonder: we’ve gotten very positive feedback from our growing base of email security customers.

This award for Best Email Security Solution – presented at an event in London on June 5 – is a reflection of FireEye’s focus on innovation and our continued commitment to solving our customers’ biggest challenges. FireEye Email Security has been recognized as a best-in-breed solution, known for its rapid detection and response, and the visibility it offers.

SC Awards Europe judges – drawn from the senior ranks of the security profession – described FireEye Email Security as "a great enterprise solution."

This is a significant honor for FireEye. Email is the most vulnerable vector for cyber attacks because it’s the highest volume data ingress point, and advanced attacks often begin with an email exploit. FireEye Email Security catches common and advanced email threats to reduce the risk of security incidents becoming more serious.

SC Media UK highlighted several other characteristics that made it stand out as the Best Email Security Solution, including:

  • Compliance with SOC 2 Type II certification and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provides state-of-the-art, cloud-based security reducing the risk of breaches.
  • FireEye’s unmatched email security service automatically detects and stops emerging attacks.
  • Emails are analyzed for threats hidden in password-protected and encrypted attachments and malicious URLs against a comprehensive cross-matrix of operating systems, applications and web browsers.
  • Intelligence derived from hundreds of thousands of hours of incident response engagement, a global network of sensors collecting real-time intelligence, and hundreds of analysts and researchers.

It takes 157 minutes for an expensive expert analyst to correctly identify a true positive alert – FireEye Email Security can identify a critical alert in an average of four minutes, and it identifies true positive alerts without volumes of alerts or false positives.

As a result, FireEye Email Security has helped our customers increase value by saving their IT teams valuable time and manpower in already constrained IT resources.

FireEye Email Security provides a comprehensive stack for advanced threat protection against attachment, credential phishing and imposter-based attacks, and evolves as quickly as the changing threat landscape to stay one step ahead of attackers. Integrated antivirus and anti-spam protection consolidates email security and reduces the number of vendors in the email stack.

In addition to receiving the Best Email Security Solution award at SC Awards Europe 2018, FireEye was named a finalist for Best Security Company. FireEye Email Security was also named a finalist for Best Email Security Solution for the SC Awards 2018 in the U.S.

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