FireEye Stories

Staying Ahead of a Changing Email Threat Landscape

Back in April I had the chance to talk with Ken Bagnall, VP for Email Security at FireEye. At the time, Ken and I chatted about FireEye’s acquisition of the company The Email Laundry, which took place late last year, and about some of the new capabilities that we gained in FireEye Email Security from that integration. We also discussed some of the trends we had been observing in the email security space.

I recently met back up with Ken to continue our chat, and this time we were joined by Levi Lloyd, Senior Manager for Detection Services at FireEye. During the conversation, the three of us dove a little bit deeper into some of the details behind the changes in email attacks that we’ve been seeing. We then went on to discuss some of the really cutting-edge techniques that FireEye is using to respond to those email attacks, including blocking impersonation attacks and URL-based attacks.

Check out our podcast today, and also learn more about how FireEye Email Security can help defend against today’s most widely used – and lesser known – email attacks.