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FireEye Threat Intelligence Leads the Pack

Over the past few weeks, there has been extensive media coverage on the role that FireEye Threat Intelligence played in helping leading social media platforms thwart an extensive influence operation with ties to Iran. This is a great example of what our team does every day for our customers – something that we rarely get to share with the public. Whether we are researching threats from espionage actors, analyzing trends in cybercrime, or prioritizing the vulnerabilities that matter, FireEye Threat Intelligence works hard every day to protect our customers and the global security community.

At FireEye, we are driven by our mission and commitment to our customers, as well as the desire to constantly strive to measure and improve ourselves. That’s why we’re very excited to be named as the only Leader in The Forrester New Wave™: External Threat Intelligence Services, Q3 2018 report, which was just published last week on Sept. 7.

Forrester analyzed the leading cyber intelligence providers against 10 different criteria to evaluate the depth of intelligence collection and offerings across the industry. The report details the analyst firm's findings about how well each vendor scored against their criteria "and where they stand in relation to each other." Following the evaluation of 15 vendors, FireEye was the only vendor within the External Threat Intelligence space that Forrester placed in the “Leader” category.  

Validation of Our Strategy

We have long made the claim that FireEye knows more about the adversary than anyone else. This comprehensive view allows us to create intelligence that is actionable and credible. FireEye continues to invest heavily in our threat intelligence capabilities, and we feel that Forrester’s evaluation validates our strategy.

We’ve spent more than a decade building and refining our multi-faceted cyber threat intelligence capabilities. Today, our global intelligence organization extends across 22 countries, speaking more than 30 languages. These capabilities not only provide valuable insight and context to customers around the threats they face, but also help to drive the efficacy of FireEye’s detection capabilities in our product solutions.

Defeating today’s advanced cyber threats requires a broad spectrum of capabilities. FireEye intelligence is focused on making security practitioners more effective, whatever their role. SOC analysts receive intelligence delivered in an automated, real-time threat feed, which we supplement with what we’ve learned about the actor behind the attack. Finished intelligence reports help our clients prepare for future cyber operations that might target them and allocate resources effectively. FireEye combines the traditional geopolitical analytic work of our worldwide language-capable experts with unique technical insights to put intelligence into action. We go further by offering clients the ability to work directly with our experts and solve problems specific to their business plans, networks, and threat profiles. 

FireEye combines adversary, victim, and campaign intelligence to create a uniquely comprehensive intelligence solution. We discovered 31 of the last 55 actively exploited zero-day vulnerabilities, which means that we’ve been able to provide our clients with intelligence and protection that simply isn’t available anywhere else. FireEye has the world’s premier incident response team investigating many of the highest profile breaches globally. Our Managed Defense service constantly detects and protects clients against active attack campaigns. When you combine these advantages with industry-leading adversary intelligence and world-class analysis, it’s not hard to see why Forrester singled out FireEye.

FireEye Threat Intelligence delivers the insight that promotes the protection of assets, enhances the effectiveness of security programs and informs the business risk decision process. More information on the FireEye Threat Intelligence portfolio is available on our website.

Learn more about why Forrester asserts that FireEye “Is the best fit for companies desiring a breadth of outcomes from a single vendor” in the full report.