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Announcing the New FireEye Market

With modern technologies constantly updating and evolving, open and extensible platforms are becoming increasingly critical to serve diverse customer needs. Organizations can no longer expect to solve every use case on their own, and platforms are becoming the catalyst to drive better capabilities through community collaboration. This is especially true in the cyber security world, where we can become better at protecting against malicious activity through the shared expertise of the greater community.

To support that openness, FireEye is excited to announce the launch of the FireEye Market, a new site designed to enable the discovery of free FireEye tools and product add-ons. Our goals center around enabling discovery, empowering developers, and encouraging collaboration across our customers, partners, and employees. We want to foster integrations with our products so we can learn from and extend use cases to help make FireEye an integral part of security workflows.

FireEye EVP and CMO Vasu Jakkal provides an overview of the new FireEye Market ecosystem

When we first started building out the FireEye Market, we had about 50 apps, extensions, and plug-ins. Today, we are launching with roughly 200 applications comprising of FireEye’s freeware offerings, FireEye’s open source contributions, and internally developed tools that we are making more accessible.

Let’s Take A Look

We designed the FireEye Market to be incredibly simple and intuitive. The homepage offers a look into our featured and new apps with easy access to browse or search (Figure 1).

Figure 1: The FireEye Market homepage

On the left side, we provide filters to narrow down interests (Figure 2) and a free-form search bar. Available filters include:

  • FireEye Products: Any FireEye products the application may depend on or integrate with.
  • Third Party Products: Any third party products the application may depend on or integrate with.
  • Categories: General security categories of interest.
  • Types: The type of application, whether it’s open source software available on our GitHub site, a freeware app we developed internally, or a product extension/add-on that leverages FireEye APIs.
  • Platforms: The browser, operating system, or third party platform required to run the app.

Figure 2: Filters

Selecting an individual app will direct to the app details screen, which includes a description, screenshots, and application and support information (Figure 3). From there, visitors can either download the app directly from us, or if it’s hosted on an external site (such as GitHub or a third party marketplace), we’ll simply redirect people there.

Figure 3: App details for Redline

Check Out the FireEye Market Today!

FireEye has long believed that sharing and collaboration is an essential component of cyber security. Organizations cannot be expected to amass a complete set of effective defensive capabilities on their own. The launch of FireEye Market is our first step in sharing knowledge and tools, and providing easy-access to FireEye’s resources that integrate into existing workflows.

The FireEye Market is available now for the public, along with additional product-specific apps only available for FireEye customers. Looking forward, the possibilities the FireEye Market will bring to our customers and partners appear to be endless. In upcoming releases, we’ll be adding additional content to further extend our product capabilities, and we will better enable our partners and customers to create, collaborate, and contribute.

To submit an app or an idea for a new feature, please email us at [email protected] or complete the feedback form found in the FireEye Market footer. For anyone attending FireEye’s Cyber Defense Summit, be sure to check out the FireEye Market session for a deeper dive into where we’re headed.

Together, through the power of community, we will augment, integrate, and strengthen the FireEye experience for everyone!