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Are You Protected Against Email Threats?

These days all it takes for a breach is one malicious email sent to a user. Many organizations have acquired email security solutions to mitigate the threat, and yet email continues to be the most prevalent attack vector. Why? Security teams face off against attackers in a constant game of cat and mouse, each one evolving – getting better, faster, stronger – to try to outsmart the other. Organizations and boards must consider whether they’re adequately protected to prevent that one phishing email from getting through and wreaking havoc.

The latest FireEye Email Threat Report revealed a bunch of statistics about this attack vector, including that approximately one out of every 100 emails is of malicious intent. Our VP of email security, Ken Bagnall, also states that there are five times more malicious URLs today than there were just one year ago.

Why are some organizations better protected against email threats than others? Some characteristics of more security mature companies include:

  • Technology that detects unknown threats
  • Threat intelligence about campaigns and attackers targeting their industry
  • Defense in depth strategy
  • End user phishing awareness training

FireProof Email Threat Analysis Delivers Simple, No-charge Evaluations

Thinking about these challenges, while also considering frequent feedback from our incident response teams, gave our engineers an idea. What if we created an analysis that helped organizations easily discover how they can better protect themselves against today’s email threats?

Tada! Introducing FireProof Email Threat Analysis, an evaluation that provides the ability for organizations to assess their cloud email security – at no charge! As part of the evaluation, an organization’s delivered Microsoft Office 365 email is analyzed to determine if advanced threats are getting past current defenses. In the evaluations that we’ve already run, we’ve found that a significant amount of malicious email is bypassing current defenses.

Now available as part of FireEye’s new demo center – FireProof – Email Threat Analysis is designed to help organizations easily discover how they can better protect themselves against today’s email-based threats. The evaluation is free, with no software or hardware to deploy, and no email delivery interference. The process takes less than five minutes to set up, and consists of just three intuitive steps:

  1. Fill out the evaluation request form.
  2. Authorize access to Office 365*.
  3. Review the report in two to four days.

Visit our Cloud Email Security Analysis page to get started.

Come see us this week at Oracle Open World for a live Email Threat Analysis demo. We’ll be in San Francisco’s Moscone Center South Exhibit Hall in Lounge #4323.