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Luz Technologies Selects FireEye as a Primary Go-To Delivery Partner for Next-Generation Security

Based out of Virginia, Luz Technologies is a Service Disabled Veteran-owned cyber security firm specializing in cloud and on-premise managed security. The company focuses primarily on eight verticals and has found that they all share one big thing in common: the need for advanced, next generation cyber security protections. To help deliver those protections, Luz Technologies selected FireEye as a primary go-to delivery partner for next-generation security.

Referring to FireEye tools as military-grade solutions, CEO Brian Barnett said Luz Technologies uses what they recommend. “We use them in our practice. We use them within our own corporate infrastructure, and in our data centers. We use them to protect our mail, and our endpoints – all of these things. This is important because we want to be able to have the confidence to know that these tools are effective – that they do what they are designed to do.”

Luz Technologies currently uses FireEye Network Security, FireEye Endpoint Security, and FireEye Email Security. They also take advantage of FireEye Central Management, and FireEye Managed Defense.

“If you’re under kinetic attack, what you need is agility and orchestration, you need live data and information in real time, and you really need that ability to sort of cut through the fog and to understand where the mitigation effort is best spent,” Barnett said. “We're seeing FireEye being lockstep or slightly ahead of the market especially with regard to innovation, and spending – in our opinion – the right amount of cash in research and development.”

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