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State of the Hack S2E01: #NoEasyBreach REVISITED

It’s a new year, and we’re back with an all new season of State of the Hack. Did you miss us? A little bit? Well, we’ve missed you! Our audience is the best, and we always strive to ensure they are satisfied with the topics we cover. This time around, we took to Twitter to poll the audience on what they wanted to hear about on the Season 2 premiere (yep, we’ve become very “network” in 2019). With zero votes for more details on the recent Ryuk attacks, we heard you loud and clear. Fortunately, we published an awesome blog post last month that has tons of nifty information. Instead we’ll be diving into two topics that had high audience interest, reports of destructive/disruptive attacks by APT33 and DNS hijacking, and we’ll be speaking to a couple of special guests about one of our favorite topics: APT29.

Check out the latest episode, and then read through our follow-up Twitter conversation for more.

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