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Addressing the Security Skills Shortage With Expertise on Demand

In recent weeks FireEye has been talking all about Expertise On Demand, our annual subscription service that gives customers access to security experts and more. As FireEye Chief Intelligence Strategist, it has been exciting to see the transformation on the Intelligence side of things, but to get a better look at the Expertise On Demand service as a whole I turned to Gareth Maclachlan, VP of Strategy and Product Management.

In our latest Eye on Security podcast, Gareth and I discuss everything from how the Expertise On Demand service works and what makes it unique, to the overall experience for customers and partners. Gareth also talks about what prompted FireEye to offer Expertise On Demand in the first place, including an all-too-familiar problem in the industry: a shortage of trained security professionals.

Check out the podcast right now, and head over to our Expertise On Demand page to learn more.