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Extending Your Security Team with Managed Defense Consultants

Defending against cyber attacks is an ongoing challenge. Trying to identify and respond to the most critical threats in an environment is an even greater challenge, especially if there isn't enough security expertise in place.

With the current cyber security skills shortage, it’s difficult for security teams to find the right talent to keep their organization safe. That’s where Managed Defense can help. With Managed Defense, organizations are not only getting the most advanced managed detection and response (MDR) service, they're also getting a trusted security advisor who will help by serving as an extension of their team.

Introducing Managed Defense Consultants

Each Managed Defense customer receives a Managed Defense Consultant (MDC) who becomes the primary point of contact with whom they will interact. But this isn’t just someone responsible for service delivery or a person to talk to when issues arise.

MDCs become an extension of the security team. They advise on security and intelligence matters, providing additional expertise to help security teams be the best that they can be in order to reduce risks at their organizations.

FireEye is the only MDR provider that offers this level of personal attention and expertise as a managed service.

Serving our Customers since 2011

FireEye has been providing a dedicated security expert for our customers since we began offering MDR services in 2011. That legacy has continued, with MDCs formerly being known as Threat Assessment Managers or TAMs. Whether they are called TAMs or Engagement Managers or Managed Services Consultants, the end goal has remained the same: to ensure our customers are receiving the best MDR service while relentlessly protecting our customers from impactful cyber attacks.

Meet the Managed Defense Consultants

As you get to know the MDCs, you’ll begin to understand their passion and realize why they do what they do.

Most are former SOC analysts or Incident Response consultants who want to help prevent impactful cyber attacks from occurring. They’re security practitioners who know the cyber threat landscape and have the technical chops and dedication to stop attacks early in the attack lifecyle. Most importantly, they possess the business acumen to turn their technical expertise into building a trusted relationship with organizations and become someone they can depend on.

Expectations Bring Results

As mentioned, MDCs are an extension of a customer’s security team. In addition to providing frequent updates about the Managed Defense service, customers can expect their assigned MDC to:  

  • Advise: Provide relevant guidance and advice that is based on a thorough understanding of cyber threats and their customer’s environments, and apply their expertise to help extend a customer’s security team.
  • Respond: When attacks occur, MDCs will be there every step of the way to lead Rapid Response investigations, relentlessly defending our customers against impactful cyber attacks.
  • Coordinate: Facilitate interaction and activities within the Managed Defense SOC, as well as bring in additional FireEye experts from our Mandiant, Threat Intelligence, and FLARE teams.

Whether it’s responding to impactful cyber attacks, coordinating with FireEye experts or updating you with the latest threat intelligence, Managed Defense Consultants will work alongside your team.

Knowledge. Experience. Intelligence. Managed Defense Consultants. It’s what organizations can expect from the world’s best managed detection and response service.

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