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FireEye Wins Best Email Security Solution at 2019 SC Awards

Last week was a big one for FireEye. We made several exciting announcements during the RSA Conference such as our new secure email gateway, delivering an integrated solution for advanced threat protection plus inbound and outbound AVAS (antivirus/anti-spam) scanning. By consolidating the email security stack with FireEye, organizations can simplify their security stack and benefit from cost savings.

The following day, FireEye Email Security was recognized as the Best Email Security Solution at the 2019 SC Awards. Winning this award is another marker that the community truly recognizes the impact of our continual integration of frontline knowledge. With these insights and our technology, our solution can innovate at a faster rate to catch what others miss.

Email is a favorite attack vector for distributing malware. Bad actors are continually adapting their techniques to improve their ROI. In the past year, FireEye has observed a shift from malicious attachments or code to malware-less threats such as spear phishing emails wrapped in impersonation packages.

FireEye Email Security counters both breeds of threats, not only blocking attachments weaponized with malware, but also seeking and destroying fraudulent wire transfer requests, URL links to credential phishing sites, and other social engineering and impersonation techniques. Whatever the malicious tactic is, FireEye is quick to identify it and block it by leveraging first-hand intel on attacks and adversaries.

Aided by our 2017 acquisition of The Email Laundry, FireEye has built a collection of proprietary URL defense and attachment detonation technologies – as well as threat intelligence, machine learning and deep relationship analysis capabilities – to help our customers identify true positive alerts. At the end of the day, a high detection efficacy and low false positive rate helps reduce incidents and, consequently, costs. And with inline deployment, FireEye Email Security can detect threats even earlier and better minimize potential damages.

SC Media's editorial team noted that FireEye Email Security is "proving to be an especially strong tool for government organizations migrating email management to the cloud." In 2017, FireEye was the first email security vendor authorized for government use for advanced threat protection by the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP). The authorization demonstrates our innovation to solve customers' biggest challenges. The service is reauthorized – while our competitors are still undergoing initial authorization.

Ken Bagnall, VP Email Security, and Vasu Jakkal, EVP & CMO, accepted the award on FireEye’s behalf. Here they are looking fantastic!

Photo credit: Rebecca Wilkowski

Our customers in commercial industries also benefit. Ben Cabrera, network supervisor at grocery chain Stater Bros. Markets, says the solution performs the workload equivalent of 1.5 employees who would otherwise be required to manually track down security incidents. "We approximate this number to be $225,000 per annum in hard ROI," says Cabrera.

The SC Awards are recognized throughout the security industry as the gold standard of excellence in cyber security. Winners of the Trust Award were chosen by a distinguished group of leading IT security professionals from SC Media's readership and selected by SC Media's editorial team. Entrants were narrowed down to a select group of finalists before undergoing a rigorous final judging process to determine the winner of each category.

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