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None of Us Are as Smart as All of Us – The Top Five Benefits of Expertise On Demand

One of the challenges that every CSO confronts is the fact that the industry faces a dearth of skilled security experts. In fact, industry predictions show an estimated 3.5 million cyber security positions will remain unfilled until 2021.

Compounding this is the fact that many security professionals lack the necessary skills to adequately address threat hunting, advanced threat defense, forensics, incidence response or other related needs. This leaves organizations exposed and vulnerable, while they front the costs to hire and train their security staff.

As organizations attempt to fill their security personnel gaps, they are often left with teams that have never experienced a multifaceted attack, significant breach or other damaging loss of data. Having this lack of experience further delays response times, and often fails to mitigate continuing attacks, leaving security teams in a constant state of reaction and churn.

Introducing Expertise On Demand

To combat the industry personnel shortage and demands for experienced, trained and capable security professionals, FireEye has unveiled a new subscription service – Expertise On Demand – that gives organizations access to responsive, scalable and highly-skilled security experts who can strengthen operational capabilities of existing security teams during their times of need.

This brings us to the top five benefits of having Expertise On Demand:

  1. Expertise. We wouldn’t call this Expertise On Demand unless it was backed by the industry’s best experts! Our consulting organization performs more than 200,000 hours work for customers worldwide per year, and we have the largest non-government intelligence agency in the world, employing more than 180 security researchers and intelligence analysts from 22 countries speaking 30 different languages.
  2. Integrates. Expertise On Demand accelerates success when using FireEye products. By pairing Expertise On Demand with FireEye Helix, Endpoint Security, Network Security and Email Security solutions, customers gain an extensible product and services platform that grows with business in a cost-effective solution.
  3. Flexibility. Our flexible consumption model ensures Expertise On Demand scales both up and down as business conditions change, whether bridging short-term gaps or filling in while clients transform operations. This helps to ensure customers have access to the experts they need, when they need them.
  4. Consistency. Unlike in-house cyber security professionals who may come and go, Expertise On Demand provides an entire team of dedicated professionals who are there to backstop your team, provide insights to the latest threats, and train in-house team members to the industry’s highest standards.
  5. Reduce Risk. According to the latest M-Trends 2019 report, the global average dwell time for an intruder who has breached a network is 78 days. If your security team is ill equipped to handle a breach or conduct a forensics search, this dwell time can be much longer, potentially leading to substantial data loss. Having Expertise On Demand is a simple, quick and efficient way to give your team the ability to reduce risk and minimize potential breach damage.

Kenneth Blanchard, the author of the "The One Minute Manager," is famous for this quote:

"None of us are as smart as all of us."

Expertise On Demand embodies this thought. By providing access to the industry’s best and brightest cyber security professionals, organizations instantly gain the experience and intelligence of "all of us."

Visit our Expertise On Demand page to learn more.