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Built Through Our Open APIs – Introducing the Helix Mobile App

Open platforms are quickly becoming the norm for all software providers. In fact, it’s difficult to find solutions today that don’t support an open API or don’t have an easy way to create content for their platform. Customers, partners, and even employees demand it. Whether it’s enabling integrations with other systems or processes, or extending existing capabilities, open platforms are a must to power customer use cases.

We are relentlessly focused on building upon a security operations platform that does just this. Through our available APIs and orchestration plugin framework, we’ve enabled a decoupled experience where developers can create integrations and extensions into the FireEye Helix platform. With this information and tools necessary to build new capabilities on top of Helix, we take a big step forward toward enabling a flexible and extensible platform that can adapt to the unique needs of our users.

Introducing the new Helix Mobile App

Using the available Helix APIs, we’ve created a new Helix Mobile App. The app was built using the React Native framework, allowing it to be easily ported to both iOS and Android. Existing Helix customers can use this app to view and action alerts for their Helix instance directly on their phone in a native app experience.

Check out the app today on the FireEye Market for both iOS and Android, or simply search for “FireEye Helix” from your phone within the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Also, don’t forget to take a look at the other product extensions available on the FireEye Market. We’re constantly adding new ones, so check back often. And if you have an idea or want to contribute an app yourself, reach out to [email protected] to get started.

We’re continually excited by what the community creates. What will you build on the Helix platform?