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FireEye Virtual Summit: Cyber Security Resilience, Research and Results

Tomorrow we roll out the red carpet for this year's FireEye Virtual Summit, focused on resilience, research and results.

Resilience can be defined as the ability to bounce back from a setback – a critical ability when it comes to cyber attacks. To achieve cyber resilience, organizations need much more than prevention or detection technology. They need to be able to prevent, assess, prioritize and mitigate risks. What threats are most dangerous to the business? What kinds of data loss will have the worst effect on bottom line and reputation? Cyber resiliency means having the answer to these questions and more. 

The second focus of this summit is research. Hear directly from FireEye experts who are on the frontlines of cyber conflicts around the world. They’ll present the highlights of their research and analysis to help Virtual Summit guests prepare for – and respond to – malicious threats and attackers.

Lastly, this summit isn’t just about strategy and research – it’s also about results. Guests can attend multiple webinars that detail best practices and case studies to help attendees achieve the results they need to strengthen their cyber security posture.

To ensure guests get the most relevant content, the summit is divided into two tracks. One track is designed for executives and board members, including CEOs, CIOs, CISOs, general counsel and other C-level staff. The second track is aimed at practitioners such as security researchers, analysts, frontline responders, team managers, and other personnel in the trenches.

No matter what your role, guests are encouraged to join sessions from either track to craft the agenda that best meets their needs. Enjoy this year’s FireEye Virtual Summit, and please send us feedback so we can continue to improve future summits.