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Penn State Health Protects Patients and Patient Data

In an average year, Penn State Health admits roughly 36,000 patients and treats well over one million patients with outpatient services or emergency room services. With all that data and activity, Penn State Health's system is a prime target for threat actors. In fact, the center identifies, prevents, and responds to numerous malicious attempts to penetrate its computing infrastructure every day.

Managing the volume and sophistication of cyber threats is no easy task. For Chief Information Security Officer Matthew Snyder, whenever something bad happens on the network he wants to know: How did it happen? Why did it happen? And what can be done to prevent it from happening again?

“When I came on board,” Snyder said, “there was a decision made that they wanted to transform their cyber security program. When we went out to the market, what we were concerned with is that we didn't want to end up with a couple different pieces of technology from multiple vendors that didn’t integrate, or that didn’t communicate with one another. You have to have an integrated solution to have effective cyber defense, and one of the things that took us to the FireEye solution was how integrated all those different components were.”

Penn State Health ended up going with FireEye Network Security, FireEye Endpoint Security, and FireEye Email Security.

“One of the benefits of the integrated solution has been the Central Management console, and how we’re able to derive data and analytics surrounding incidents that are occurring on the network,” Snyder said. “Because of that, we’ve now been able to integrate the incident response measure as a portion of our risk management framework. We also leverage [Managed Defense] to augment our cyber security incident response team.”

As Snyder puts it, every dollar that comes in for cyber security is a dollar that doesn’t go to something such as patient care, so the system’s security team works hard – with the help of FireEye – to ensure that they are providing value back to the enterprise.

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