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FireEye and Beazley: Twice the Defense Against Email Threats

Reports show that roughly 91 percent of cyber attacks start with email. No technology solution is perfect, but many email threats such as phishing and impersonation attacks are preventable. All it takes is a mix of awareness, best in class solutions and hands-on training to ensure security teams are properly equipped to not only defend against business email compromise threats, but also to respond to breaches when they happen.

The importance of being prepared cannot be understated. Companies experiencing an email compromise must undertake costly investigations involving forensics services and data mining of affected inboxes to see if sensitive information has been impacted. If that isn’t bad enough, productivity and reputation also stand to take a hit.

To shine some light on the business email compromise threat and how best to defend against it, FireEye EVP and CTO Grady Summers sat down with Ken Bagnall, VP for Email Security at FireEye, and Lauren Winchester, Privacy Breach Response Services Manager at Beazley. During their chat, the trio discussed awareness, prevention and a new unique offering from FireEye and Beazley.


Last year, more than 900 Beazley customers experienced phishing attacks. FireEye Email Security can help prevent these attacks. 

FireEye and Beazley provide clients with a holistic way to address business email compromise. It’s simple: decrease risks and address the top threat vector that is email. FireEye Email Security provides the prevention and Beazley provides cyber insurance to cover the risks associated with email compromises.

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