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Innovation Architecture: A New Way of Protecting Our Customers

One of the many things we’re pretty excited about over here at FireEye is our new Innovation Architecture. When we say Innovation Architecture, we’re talking about a new way for us to deliver capabilities to our customers – capabilities that were derived from the very problems our consultants, researchers and analysts are solving every day. What it really boils down to is a unique way of delivering new features that better protect our customers.

To learn more about how this Innovation Architecture works, I sat down with Jim Waggoner, FireEye Senior Director of Product Management, and Stephen Davis, Technical Director at FireEye. During our chat, we talked all about the modular nature of the Innovation Architecture, how it integrates with solutions and services such as FireEye Endpoint Security, exactly how it benefits our customers, and much more.

Check out our podcast today, and learn more about how FireEye Endpoint Security helps protect organizations.