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Insurance Leader Vertafore Protects Hybrid Cloud with FireEye Technology and Services

Insurance software leader Vertafore has undergone a similar journey to many long-standing mid-size enterprises. Customer success has driven a continual focus on operational excellence, and for 1,500 Vertafore employees, that means embracing a hybrid cloud strategy based on a partnership with their preferred cloud provider.

Dr. Adrian M. Mayers, Vertafore’s senior director of information security, explains, “Our customers constantly expect new functionality from our software; leveraging cloud platforms gives us the most flexibility to deliver the right features and value back to our customer base.”

Building a Comprehensive Security Program

However, Dr. Mayers knows that as more businesses migrate to a hybrid and cloud-based model, so too will bad actors. He also believes that a truly effective, sustainable cyber security program relies on people, process and technology. That’s why Dr. Mayers looked to FireEye – to consistently update the company’s defenses against the evolving threat landscape.

“The ability to deploy FireEye Endpoint Security in the cloud was key for us. Our cloud-based architecture enables us to stay versatile, agile and flexible: It’s how we efficiently deliver what our customers expect from us,” shared Dr. Mayers.

He started by bolstering defenses for the endpoint. Knowing how critical artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are for detecting and analyzing signature-less malware, Dr. Mayers implemented FireEye Endpoint Security.

FireEye Endpoint Security monitors traffic across Vertafore’s infrastructure, isolating and analyzing suspicious activity to formulate an appropriate response if mitigation is deemed necessary. MalwareGuard – the advanced machine learning-based detection and prevention engine powering FireEye Endpoint Security – ensures the solution can prevent both known and never-before-seen cyber threats from gaining a foothold in Vertafore’s environment.

In just three weeks, the team tested, propagated, configured and implemented 5,000 endpoints. With Endpoint Security now in place across the company’s hybrid environment, Dr. Mayers was able to reinforce Vertafore’s investments by establishing a retained relationship with the FireEye Mandiant incident response team.

True security preparedness today is operating under the assumption that breaches are inevitable. The more organizations prepare, the better off they will be. Vertafore now has an extra level of assurance with on-call data forensics experts in the event that the company ever needs to remediate a breach.

Dr. Mayers elaborates, “Having a Mandiant Incident Response Retainer is everything, There’s something very satisfying knowing that if anything bad ever happens, the consultants are literally just a phone call away.”

Vertafore also has Mandiant deliver annual health checks on its security posture, in addition to regular manual penetration testing of its perimeter defenses.

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