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FireEye Market: Highlighting Tremendous Growth Since Launch

Last year we announced the new FireEye Market at our Cyber Defense Summit in October. The FireEye Market was designed to enable the unearthing of free FireEye tools and product add-ons. Our initial goals centered around enabling discovery, empowering developers, and encouraging collaboration across our customers, partners, and employees. We wanted to foster integrations with our products to further help make FireEye an integral part of security workflows.

Today, we want to highlight some of the tremendous growth achieved, and how well it’s been received. We started with around 130 apps and we currently have 244 apps that span across all FireEye solutions. Apps come in many forms, including open-sourced tools, freeware apps, and product extensions, plug-ins, modules, and IOCs. We are adding additional apps on a weekly basis and have near-term plans to include apps that highlight our Helix parsers, Threat Intelligence integrations, and third-party apps.

If you are not one of the individuals who took part in the 23,000 downloads the last 10 months, please visit the Market soon to take advantage.

New Vendor Pages

In our latest Market release, vendor pages are now available to empower our users to discover the third-party vendors and technology partners we integrate with and the use cases those integrations enable for FireEye customers. Similar to apps, users can browse, filter, and search for vendor integrations that can address their unique needs. Check out these new pages in the FireEye Market to see the 85 vendors and partners who are live today.

Figure 1: The FireEye Market homepage with Vendors selected

On the left side (Figure 1), we provide filters to narrow down interests and a free-form search bar. Available filters include:

  • Partnership Type: See which companies are FireEye Technology Partners
  • FireEye Products: View all FireEye products that vendors integrate with
  • Categories: Search by general security categories of interest

Figure 2: The FireEye Market Vendor overview page

For each vendor or technology partner, you’ll see a short description of how we integrate with them, along with key tags about the type of integration. The sections underneath include the following:

  • Vendor Overview: Learn more about the vendor and how to contact our Technology Partners for more information
  • Integration Details: See the solutions briefs, announcements and guides on how to use our combined solutions
  • Market Apps: Listing of all applications available today from the Market

FireEye has long believed that sharing and collaboration is an essential component of cyber security. Organizations cannot be expected to amass a complete set of effective defensive capabilities on their own. The FireEye Market is the place to share knowledge and tools and get easy-access to FireEye resources that integrate into existing workflows.

Our Technology Partners team continues to identify new vendors and build out new use cases on a weekly basis. If there are partners you would like us to integrate with, or you want to learn more about an existing partnership, let us know at [email protected].