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FireEye Outreach Program to Assist Vulnerable Organizations

Every day, FireEye tracks threat actors who target vulnerable organizations with limited access to security resources. Unfortunately, it is very common for the most technically-sophisticated and well-organized actors to prey on individuals and organizations who struggle to mount an effective defense. The consequences of this disparity could not be more serious. 

This has to stop, and today at FireEye Cyber Defense Summit 2019 we are revealing one of the ways FireEye aims to bolster defenses for these members of our community.

Introducing FireEye Outreach

FireEye is launching Outreach to consolidate and strengthen our efforts around providing security expertise and capabilities to those most in need of it. FireEye Outreach is a unique program that can offer qualifying organizations with support through training, intelligence, and technology.


This program is designed to serve organizations and individuals most at risk with a demonstrated need for support. Outreach primarily supports think tanks, journalists, NGOs, and non-profits.

For more information on the FireEye Outreach program, including further eligibility details, please email [email protected].