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Scaling Up With Digital Threat Monitoring

When we look at the challenges our customers are facing, we see a lot of similarities. One common problem is that clients are simply overwhelmed with the amount of threat data that’s out there. To help clients manage it all and make smarter security decisions, FireEye offers Digital Threat Monitoring, or what we refer to as DTM.

To learn more about DTM and how customers can benefit from it, I spoke with Jayce Nichols, Vice President of Intelligence at FireEye. During our chat, Jayce and I talked about how DTM is primarily designed to help scale the process of monitoring the dark web for threatening activity, and how FireEye additionally monitors forums, social media and other sites on the surface web that are popular among threat actors. We also discussed what exactly customers want from the service, and how DTM fits in with a cyber security program.

Check out our podcast today, and learn more about how FireEye Digital Threat Monitoring helps protect organizations.