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FireEye Technology Enhances Garrison Ultra Secure Browsing

Every day employees are at risk of being compromised by malicious software as they access services and resources from the Internet that have become critical to ongoing business operations. That risk increases further when data is downloaded from those services and resources.

Today we are announcing an integration with Garrison that not only helps eliminate the risk associated with browsing web services, but also helps protect customers when it is necessary to download content.

Who Is Garrison?

Garrison is the provider of a commercial hardware enforced web isolation solution. Their unique hardware technology, incorporating hardsec, provides an ultra-secure web isolation solution that protects employees operating in some of the most sensitive environments, including government organizations and commercial enterprises. Employees across the globe can access even the riskiest Internet content while keeping sensitive enterprise systems and data fully isolated from risk.

How Does the Integration Work?

Garrison has integrated FireEye malware detection capability, FireEye Malware Analysis, with their Ultra Secure Browsing platform. This integration provides customers with a seamless workflow for download from within a secured browsing session. FireEye helps ensure that when there is a need to download data, the risk of malware compromise is also mitigated.

FireEye technology works in association with the Garrison ultra-secure browsing to allow a user to download a file or object as part of their browsing workflow. Here's how it works:

  • Using the Garrison app a user requests to download a file from the internet
  • The file is submitted to FireEye for detonation and reporting
  • If the file is marked as safe the download is verified and completed to the user’s file store

Quick Use Case

Today, this combined technology is used to protect a government organization as thousands of their employees access the Internet with previously unachievable freedom. They are using the Garrison ultra-secure web isolation platform and FireEye malware analysis technology to allow them to perform work easily and securely.

To learn more about this FireEye and Garrison integration please visit either the FireEye Market or the Garrison website and use the contact information to reach out and get started.