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Introducing Our Rebranded Partner Program: FireEye Affinity

At FireEye, we are not only a channel minded company, but a ‘channel first’ company. My role as Senior Manager, Partner Programs & Operations, is to look at our channel program from a partner perspective and find ways to constantly improve upon it. From small tweaks to substantial changes, we identify what will deliver a best-in-class partner experience. In this effort, I’m pleased to announce the rebrand of our partner program from FireEye Fuel to FireEye Affinity.

Affinity is defined as “a kinship, relationship or connection between parties that believe in the same values which breeds mutual trust”. This perfectly describes what we strive for with our partners.

I want to explain the three underlying reasons why we’ve changed the program name to Affinity:

  1. We know we cannot be successful without our amazing partners. It’s a mutual relationship where we are relentlessly fighting together to provide the best cyber security solution to our joint customers. This program name best reflects this mission.
  2. Trust is paramount and this is reflected in Affinity. Together we fight the bad guys who are trying to attack our customers. Partners are an extension of FireEye and with a shared mission and values, we will undoubtedly be successful together.
  3. Affinity embodies the transformation journey we've embarked on with our partners. In 2018 we launched the first iteration of our partner portal making it easy to produce quotes and request MDF program funds online. We even added a Partner Locator so customer could easily find a partner within their region. Then over the last year we expanded upon these capabilities by offering incentives in the form of rebates, SPIFFs, and point based rewards. New partner sales kits were also made available to better drive partner enablement. We will continue to make investments in our program to make it simple to understand, while making it easy and profitable to do business with us.

FireEye Affinity in 2020 and Beyond

2020 is going to be another big year for our partners! We just released an Affinity program branded portal refresh with more intuitive navigation menus to make it easier for our partners to find what they need. We are also offering a partner enablement module—Fast Track with FireEye—that helps our partners to be successful in selling FireEye solutions even quicker. In the coming months, we will add a new Partner Performance Dashboard to the portal which will give partners a simple snapshot view of how they are tracking with us, highlighting revenue attainment, along with tips for how those efforts could translate to greater margin or cash, with higher discounts and incentives.

Existing partners can experience Affinity by logging into the partner portal. Visit our partners page to learn more about becoming a FireEye partner.