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Mobile Threat Visibility in FireEye Helix With Zimperium

Mobile devices are being used more today than at any point in history, empowering people to get the information they need whenever and wherever they want it. This mindset has extended into the workplace, as employees demand the same consumer experience at work that they enjoy in their personal lives. With more people using their mobile phone for work, security needs to be a concern as the number of risks (bad applications, unsecured Wi-Fi, etc.) continue to increase. 

At FireEye, we want our customers to have the awareness of what risks and threats they face on their mobile devices. To accomplish this, we are collaborating with Zimperium, a global leader in mobile security. Zimperium provides real-time, on-device protection against both known and unknown Android and iOS threats, including zero-day exploits, as well as detection of device, network, phishing and malicious app attacks. For security operations center teams, this means that administrators will now be notified of threats—enriched with intelligence—as incidents occur across an enterprise's mobile landscape.

Zimperium’s just released their State of Enterprise Mobile Security report for 2019, which contains data from over 45 million anonymized endpoints from enterprises in a variety of industries and both local and national government agencies. A snapshot of findings include:

  • 19% of enterprise mobile endpoints experienced network-based attacks
  • More than half of all enterprise mobile endpoints encountered risky networks 
  • Network attacks accounted for 92% of all detected attacks

How Does the Integration Work?

Existing customers of FireEye Helix and Zimperium can start leveraging the integration in mere minutes. By utilizing the FireEye Helix Connect Portal, customers only need to select the Zimperium tile and enter their Zimperium credentials to start seeing alerts flow into FireEye Helix.

Mutual customers will benefit from a FireEye Helix Zimperium dashboard focused on all alerts, top threats, impacted users and more flowing into Helix. FireEye has created a RulePack that allows customers to set their threat level of alerts in Zimperium, and FireEye Helix will alert based on those selected levels. FireEye Threat Intelligence will also be added to any alert that hits on specific field mapping, allowing for context on that event.

Learn More

To learn more about this integration visit the FireEye Market and enable it now on the FireEye Helix Connect Portal. Learn more about Zimperium by visiting their website.