FireEye Stories

#ThoughtfulTuesdays — Regular Content in a Time Without Regularity

Here at FireEye, we’ve seen our webinars rise in popularity and become a major area of engagement with our customers and industry peers—particularly in the Northern Europe region (NEUR), but also beyond. With that in mind, we set out to create a new webinar series on hard-hitting cyber security topics: #ThoughtfulTuesdays, or #TT for short.

The earliest #TT episodes focused on topics related to the Mandiant side of our business. We found that our services teams had compelling stories to share that really resonated with our NEUR audience.

As people’s ability to travel and attend in-person events has halted, we began to observe a sizable EMEA-wide attendee set rather than just the NEUR viewership that we had been expecting. This increased engagement led us to develop webinars more directly aligned with the issues that organizations around the globe are currently facing, including ransomware.

One of the key benefits and appeals of #TT is its reliability and consistency. #TT webinars take place every Tuesday at 10:00 am BST, providing audiences with a guaranteed source of invaluable insights from the minds of FireEye experts. Our upcoming episodes will cover topics such as virtual cyber attack simulations and breach response, but for those looking to digest some content immediately, visit our #TT page to view all available episodes on-demand.

Is there a specific topic that you’d like to see covered in one of our #TT webinars? Be sure to reach out to us at [email protected], where we can field all requests and answer any other questions. We look forward to seeing you on Tuesdays!