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How Can Cloudvisory Help Your Organization? Take a Self-Guided Tour to Find Out

I’m really excited about the opportunity to show you something new today.

We recently launched a self-guided tour for Cloudvisory that illustrates how we deliver visibility across cloud accounts, cloud providers, cloud services, geographies, operating systems and more.

Simply put, Cloudvisory is a central hub for cloud security management. It delivers visibility, compliance and governance to any organization using cloud services. Visibility is truly one of the key aspects of Cloudvisory. It provides visibility into assets across various cloud environments and near real-time visibility into the network flow history across cloud deployments, among other capabilities. 

Often, to see the value of something you need to just experience it for yourself. This is why we rolled out a self guided tour for Cloudvisory. You are not just viewing, but you are interacting with Cloudvisory as the solution goes through a common workflow.

At your own pace, you will be able to see how we answer questions such as:

What’s in my cloud infrastructure?

Figure 1 shows a pull-down menu of just one VM within AWS. Chances are you’d have to fire up your AWS console and log in to each AWS account, each time expanding each region and each VPC to come up with a comprehensive list. With Cloudvisory, this data is a single click away—you are able to click on any of the asset counts, and the tool will return your results in a dedicated search interface.

Figure 1: Pull-down menu of VM within AWS

What network flows are moving in, out and within my cloud environments?

As seen in Figure 2, the user is able to dig deeper into a particular workload’s network behavior. These yellow rings build out, showing the cloud context associated with the underlying objects. You can then click on any object to see a listing of its network flow details, enabling you to detect and respond to security incidents much more rapidly.

Figure 2: A deeper look into network behavior

Experiencing this tour for yourself is a great way to understand how Cloudvisory can help you and your organization achieve uniform visibility into disparate, multi-cloud infrastructures through a single console.

Cloudvisory is a complete solution that has been engineered so its component parts (visibility, compliance and governance) work better together. Take the self-guided tour today, and then head over to our website to learn more about taking control of your multi-cloud security posture.