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Top Five Cyber Attacks Thwarted by Managed Defense This Year

As part of the upcoming FireEye Cyber Summit 2020, Mandiant Managed Defense has created a highlight reel of the top five cyber attacks observed this past year. From espionage attempts to the breakneck pace of disruptive ransomware campaigns, the Managed Defense team has been hard at work relentlessly protecting our customers throughout a time of unprecedented change around the world.

Join us virtually for this event on Nov. 9 at 8 a.m. ET to learn how our Managed Defense experts stopped some of the most impactful attacks from this past year. Nick Schroeder, Managed Defense Principle Consultant, will be presenting, and here's just a little taste of what he has in store for the session:

  • When geopolitical tensions escalate, so does cyber espionage. Learn how Managed Defense stopped Iran-based threat actors conducting spear phishing attempts on social media platforms.
  • Financially motivated threat actors have been increasing the breadth and pace of their ransomware attacks. Learn how Managed Defense foiled disruptive ransomware attacks that followed a campaign initiated by fake browser updates.
  • Following a rough patching cycle, Managed Defense experts stepped-up to protect customers from a massive campaign exploiting vulnerable network appliances. Learn how MD helped to disrupt these attacks and assist with creating an open source tool that enabled organizations to rapidly assess their environments for potential indications of compromise.

Managed Defense is a managed detection and response (MDR) service that joins forces with our customer’s teams to protect and defend their businesses from impactful cyber attacks.

The FireEye Cyber Summit 2020 kicks off on Nov. 9, 2020. Head over to the event website today to see all of the keynotes and sessions on the schedule, and be sure to register.