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Respond Software Joins the FireEye Team

Today, FireEye announced that Respond Software is joining our Team. Respond is the creator of an AI Based Cloud native XDR Engine that automates the investigation of security alerts at machine speed. Respond Software is a perfect fit with our Mandiant Advantage platform, adding proven automation technology in the fast-growing category of Extended Detection and Response (XDR) to help secure our customers. 

We recently launched Mandiant Advantage as the platform for all things Mandiant, enabling our customers to augment and automate their security teams with our intelligence and expertise. Respond Software will provide an XDR module within Mandiant Advantage that combines our experts and intelligence with Machine Learning to power SOC event/alert correlation and triage—it’s like having a machine-based Mandiant Analyst integrated into your security program to manage L1 SOC actions.

For security teams, this helps address the shortage of skilled security personnel available to help defend corporate environments. Today, the security skills gap is most pronounced on the front lines—especially the monitoring and triage of security-related events and alerts. Security analysts are asked to review a mountain of alerts and data from a diverse variety of security controls—from a host of different vendors—all day, every day. To address this, most security programs are forced to add more security analysts to perform the real-time monitoring of largely siloed alerts, and make judgment calls on whether to act. Alert monitoring is limited, error-prone, costly, and ultimately untenable as humans can’t scale to the increasing volume of attacks. Respond + Mandiant brings a solution.   

eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) is a growing market that addresses the aforementioned concerns by integrating and unifying security control points, data, analytics, and operations into a single enterprise solution to accelerate detection and response. XDR typically supports multiple telemetries such as endpoint, network, web filters and cloud sensors. 

Respond Software addresses XDR with an AI-based, cloud-native XDR engine that automates monitoring and triage—the initial investigation on the front end that is critical to catching threats early, before they become a problem. Respond’s XDR engine connects the dots amongst disparate, multi-vendor security data at machine speed and scale so that the analyst can focus on real security incidents without wasting time on false positives.

From our unique position on the front lines, we have the best expertise and Intel to power the Respond XDR Engine Machine learning models. Mandiant Advantage plus Respond Software delivers Human + Machine (technology) working in partnership to relentlessly protect organizations from the consequences of cyber-attacks.

Think about infusing Respond’s XDR engine with Mandiant Threat Intelligence...

Security teams would be able to detect the latest techniques and tactics at the front end, not just after the attack. Coupled with Mandiant Security Validation, an organization can continuously assess their security profile and its ability to detect the latest and greatest threats. The Respond Analyst XDR Engine will become a core component of Mandiant Managed Defense for those customers who want expert monitoring as a service in their multi-vendor environment.  

Like Mandiant Advantage, Respond XDR Engine is controls agnostic and supports a broad range of third-party control products. We will work towards ensuring the Respond XDR Engine supports FireEye Helix and FireEye’s security control products, including FireEye Endpoint Security, FireEye Email Security, FireEye Network Security, and FireEye Cloudvisory, delivering an end-to-end solution.

There are exciting things in the works as we bring the Respond Software team onboard. For now, Respond will continue to offer their XDR Engine as we commence our journey together. The winners will be our customers as we help them more easily identify and respond to attacks.

To learn more about XDR and the Respond Analyst XDR Engine please read Got XDR? What It Is and Why This Game-Changing Technology Is Needed Right Now, and watch the Respond Analyst Video Overview.