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Mandiant Threat Intelligence: Setting the Bar

Defenders today know that the threat landscape is dynamic, and that the pace of change has never been higher. No one knows better than FireEye that this cadence of headline breaches stretches back for decades. Getting ahead of adversaries means understanding their tools, techniques, and what they are trying to achieve. At Mandiant, this is exactly what we are uniquely positioned to provide.

You don’t have to take our word for it; today Forrester released their latest External Threat Intelligence Services report, naming FireEye a leader for FireEye Threat Intelligence & Mandiant Advantage Threat Intelligence Suite.

Forrester evaluated 12 vendors on three high-level categories—current offering, strategy and market presence. FireEye came out with the highest score in both the current offering and strategy categories.

Here are some of Forrester’s evaluation criteria by category:

  • Strength of current offering: Intelligence requirements, intelligence analysis, dissemination, and cyber threat intelligence.
  • Strength of strategy: Product vision, innovation roadmap, market approach, supporting products and services, and strategic partners.

Over the last few years, we have continued to aggressively invest in improving our Threat Intelligence product. We spent many hundreds of hours talking in depth with our customers and other defenders to understand their pain points and intelligence needs. We wanted to better understand how to leverage our unparalleled insight to make our customers safer. That work is evident in Mandiant Advantage, the new platform we launched at the end of 2020.

At FireEye, threat intelligence is the foundation of our overall product and services portfolio. Bolstered by dynamic Mandiant graph views, thousands of intel reports, as well as ready to go actionable intelligence such as MITRE ATT&CK chart, indicator list and YARA rules, Mandiant Advantage assists users in reducing time and complexity when prioritizing alerts or evaluating the latest threats. Users can receive charge-free news analysis, actor and malware context and publicly known indicator confidence scoring via portal search or automatic embedded into any web page using the Browser Plugin.

Mandiant Threat Intelligence subscriptions are accessible through Mandiant Advantage, a platform providing organizations of all sizes with to-the-minute, relevant cyber threat intelligence so they can focus on the threats that matter now and TAKE ACTION.

We’re proud that Forrester has recognized FireEye as a leader for FireEye Threat Intelligence & Mandiant Advantage Threat Intelligence Suite. We’re going to keep our foot on the gas and continue our work to make life better for defenders and harder for the adversary. It’s what we do.

Download the full report to learn more about FireEye’s offering, including Mandiant Advantage Threat Intelligence Suite.

Head over to our page to learn more about Mandiant Advantage: Threat Intelligence and to register for a free Mandiant Advantage account.