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Countdown to RSAC 2021 — Come (Virtually) See FireEye!

It’s that time of the year again (already!) While it may not be in person as we hoped it would be, we are certainly looking forward to joining you virtually for RSA Conference 2021 running from May 17 through May 20.

The following is a guide to everywhere FireEye will be speaking at this year’s virtual RSAC, so you can make the most of scheduling your time (note that all listed times are Pacific Time).

Title: Global Threat Brief: Hacks and Adversaries Unveiled
Speakers:  Sandra Joyce, Executive VP, Head of Global Intelligence & Dmitri Alperovitch, Chairman, Silverado Policy Accelerator
Date/Time: Thursday, May 20, 2021 | 8:25 – 8:50 AM
Abstract: This keynote will unveil some of the most novel attacks in the current global threat landscape, diving into specific, real-time examples of threat actor activity from both nation states and criminal groups, while offering strategic advice for countering them.

Title: Your Metrics Suck! 5 SecOps Metrics That Are Better Than MTTR
Speakers: Kerry Matre, Sr. Director, Mandiant Services, FireEye
Date/Time: Monday, May 17, 2021 | 2:00 – 2:40 PM
Abstract: Good metrics are elusive in the world of Security Operations. Organizations often fall back on reporting fit for network operations that can incentivize bad behavior. In this session, we will explore the purpose of metrics to give the business confidence in the services the SOC provides. Metrics that matter go beyond red/yellow/green charts and can drive change. We will share them with you.

Title: Back to Basics about OT Security
 Chris Sistrunk, Technical Manager, ICS/OT, FireEye
 Tuesday, May 18, 2021 | 1:30 PM – 2:10 PM
 There's lots of buzz about the latest in cybersecurity for OT such as, cyberattacks, OT security monitoring, and threat intelligence/ threat hunting. For many organizations, these may be a lofty goal due to budget, technology, or staffing constraints. Back to Basics for OT Security is a talk to help asset owners refocus on tried and true security best practices that are sometimes overlooked.

Title: What’s Old is New: Hybrid Security for Microsoft Azure and On-Premises Tech
Speakers: Matthew McWhirt, Director, Mandiant & Michael Burns, Principal Consultant, Mandiant
Date/Time: Wednesday, May 19, 2021 | 12:45 – 1:25 PM
Abstract: This talk will provide a mapping of traditional on-premises security best practices and demonstrate how similar security-focused concepts and hardening can be enforced in Microsoft Azure, providing the audience with real-world practical and scalable techniques related to preventing lateral movement and privilege escalation and enforcing security hardening.

Title: Big Data Danger – Indirect Surveillance by State Actors
Speaker: John Hultquist, VP of Analysis, Mandiant Threat Intelligence
Date/Time: Available on demand, more details to come
Abstract: Persons of interest are routinely surveilled by states who deploy cyber espionage capabilities against their assets or the assets of affiliated organizations. But data on these individuals isn’t limited to these targets. Cyber espionage actors are targeting telecom providers, travel and hospitality, as well as other sectors to identify, surveil, and even physically track persons of interest.

Title: How XDR Impacts the Modern SOC
Speaker: Michael Armistead, Sr. Vice President, Mandiant Advantage Products
Date/Time: Available on demand, more details to come
Abstract: Security Operations is undergoing a transformation. The world of legacy SIEMs, turning, code writing and throwing constrained people at the problem is over. Organizations seek a unification of their disparate security data and looking for advanced analytics to scale and improve detection. Attend this session to learn how a multi-vendor XDR can impact the efficacy and efficiency of your SOC.

Digital Expo

Our virtual presence in the RSA 2021 Digital Expo will enable us to offer conference attendees the opportunity to download corporate videos, demo videos, and digital white papers, brochures and case studies. Attendees will also be able to engage in live chat and request virtual meetings during the expo. Virtual Expo hours are 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (May 17-19); and 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM on Thursday (May 20).