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FireEye Mandiant Virtual Summit 2021 | Innovation Forward: A New Era of Resilience

2021 is proving to be a year full of cyber threats that continue to challenge the community and force us to adapt. With dramatically larger remote, distributed workforces and greater reliance on the cloud, and mobile apps and devices, the opportunities for malicious actors have never been greater. To better protect organizations from the relentless digital assault, innovative security solutions informed by expert threat intelligence is essential.

Join us at this year’s FireEye Mandiant Virtual Summit, where an impressive list of front-line experts and industry thought leaders will share the latest advancements in cyber security and best practices for defending against threats as we all build a New Era of Resilience.

During my keynote session, you will get an inside look at:

  • The biggest threats organizations around the globe are likely to face in the coming months
  • Ways security teams should confront these threats and bolster cyber defenses
  • How my team tracks these threats and what you and your company’s leadership team should know about them

To give you a sneak peek at what I’ll be discussing, take a look at this short video.

I will cover foundational topics such as dwell time for ransomware and other threats, common ransomware approaches, the prevalence of internal threats and how they’re carried out, and more.

The FireEye Mandiant Virtual Summit 2021 is a global three-day live event, starting on April 13 and wrapping on April 15. We’re featuring a breadth of sessions, covering topics such as threat intelligence, ransomware, security validation, and cloud security, including two sessions devoted to our next issue of the annual M-Trends report, launching on April 13. If you miss a live session, they’ll all be available on-demand after the event. Visit the event website for a full listing of the sessions and speakers, keynote information, and registration details.

Be sure to register for our Virtual Summit today!