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FireEye Mandiant Virtual Summit 2021 | The Expertise Track: Insights From the Front Lines

The annual FireEye Mandiant Virtual Summit features FireEye and Mandiant’s foremost experts on threat intelligence and analysis, including those whose work is at the core of our solutions and services. This year’s FireEye Mandiant Virtual Summit brings together the best of both worlds—educational sessions about technological advances and best practices for deployment, and expert insights from battle-hardened defenders. To reflect these core principles of cyber security, we’ve organized this year’s event around two distinct but related tracks: the Innovation and Expertise tracks.

Expertise as a Security Force Multiplier

Strategic cyber defense certainly requires effective and innovative technology, but it must also rely on the skills and experience of world-class defenders to address evolving threats. The Expertise Track showcases research-led stories highlighting the capabilities and front-line work of FireEye and Mandiant experts, as well as insights around the unique challenges brought on by increased reliance on the cloud.

Sessions in this track will offer experiences and insights from the trenches into new and evolving threats, the tactics and techniques threat actors are using, and ways companies can best defend against them. Notably, the Expertise Track also features sessions devoted to FireEye’s forthcoming annual M-Trends report, including a session in the local time zone for attendees in the EMEA region.

Join us for these exciting sessions in the Expertise track:

With a span of topics and depth of content from knowledgeable speakers, the Virtual Summit’s Expertise Track will deliver critical information about trends and developments in threat intelligence and cyber defense that will help companies more effectively combat the ongoing digital onslaught. 

We hope you will join us for one or more of these talks; attendees will most certainly come away with a better understanding of the threats facing organizations today, and the ways that our experts believe you can address them effectively.

Visit our event page for session and speaker details and information about how to register.