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FireEye Email Security—Cloud Edition Now Offers Native Integration With Microsoft 365 (and More)

Email remains the number one attack vector today and, according to ESG Research, one of the top five cyber security priorities for organizations. Given the popularity of Microsoft solutions, namely their email services, we knew an integration with FireEye Email Security—Cloud Edition was a must.

Right now FireEye Email Security—Cloud Edition customers have access to our 2021.5 release, which features the general availability of Microsoft 365 native integration and various other enhancements. With the integration, Microsoft 365 customers can easily implement FireEye Email Security—Cloud Edition directly into their workflow, rapidly taking advantage of industry-leading detection, automatic remediation, and native protection of their email infrastructure.

Native integration with FireEye Email Security—Cloud Edition offers Microsoft 365 customers the following protection benefits on top of the scalability and archiving abilities customers get with Microsoft 365:

  • Layered Defense. Adding FireEye Email Security to existing security solutions make it that much harder for attackers to slip through your defenses. FireEye research has seen a 13% year-over-year increase in malicious emails detected after passing through Microsoft 365. This illustrates both the popularity of the platform and the emphasis that attackers are putting towards evasion techniques targeting Microsoft 365.
  • Advanced Malware Detection. Protect against malicious attachments using our best-in-class malware engines. ESG research found that 27% of organizations believed that spam/malware bypassed their first layer of defense. Detecting malware is the area where FireEye is best known and can keep ransomware carrying threats out of the organization.
  • Phishing Protection. Identify malicious URLs and fake web pages using deep analysis engines. Addition protections include our automatic remediation feature which watches for previously safe URLs to become active attacks and immediately remediates those emails.
  • Protection against Business Email Compromise. Tag and protect against suspicious senders that impersonate valid emails. FireEye uses a variety of detection techniques, looking at headers, domain age, and even applying language processing to the email.

The native integration in the 2021.5 release gives users additional features such as the ability to create Remediation Policies directly in Microsoft 365. Administrators can explicitly choose what to do with malicious email, including Move, Quarantine, or Delete based on the threat itself and policies of the organization.

Other FireEye Email Security—Cloud Edition features include usability improvements to the email digest, rapid domain switching to allow organizations to quickly shift from SMTP mode to API mode, and Japanese language support for email policies.

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