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On a Mission: A Rapidly Deployable Multi-Domain Solution

Government security teams often do not know what type of support will be needed day by day. This requires them to be mobile. They may be required to provide incident response in the field one day, and the next day they could be traveling elsewhere to conduct on-site security assessments.

Another issue is the reliance on open-source tools. Not all open-source tools easily integrate with each other or commercial off-the-shelf solutions. Now with the growth of hybrid environments, organizations continue to add tools and integrations to bring systems together, adding more pain and tool exhaustion across the enterprise.

Security teams must be ready to meet their mission objectives from any location, with the right security resources at their fingertips.

Up until now there has not been a commercially viable, travel-ready solution that is flexible enough to address multiple use cases and can easily transition from on-premises Internet-connected environments to Denied, Degraded, Intermittent, or Limited (D-DIL) connectivity environments to multi-cloud environments.

Defenders need flexible tools such as FireEye Flexible Defense, which can be customized to quickly adapt to the needs of the IT and OT environments being protected. The right defense and response solution should address multiple use cases, be flight-ready, and flexible enough to support third-party tools and integrations.

Get Defensive in Ways That Best Meet Requirements

Each organization has a unique mission, varying levels of in-house security expertise, and a variety of different security tools. These factors can affect their overall security posture and their overall security needs. For example, organizations might be lacking resources for network security, incident response, and site security assessments. Or an agency may only require tools and skillsets for malware analysis. These variations mean that a one-size-fits-all solution can work, but it just won’t be as effective as a custom solution. Some level of customization is necessary to be successful in defensive cyber environments.

FireEye Flexible Defense addresses all these situations and more. It is a turnkey, commercially supported platform powered by the same tools used by world renowned Mandiant incident responders. Also, it is available as a highly portable solution that fits in overhead airplane compartments or in checked luggage—ready for rapid deployment at a moment’s notice, such as for incident response or site assessments.

The best part, organizations can personalize the platform to meet the unique requirements of their environment. They can choose to include FireEye Network Security, Endpoint Security, Cloudvisory, Detection on Demand, or Security Orchestrator to meet multiple use cases, as seen in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Multiple use cases for FireEye Flexible Defense

Organizations also have the option to include Mandiant SaaS such as Mandiant Threat Intelligence and Mandiant Security Validation, or non-FireEye third-party tools and integrations for solutions such as SIEMs to further enhance their security operations.

FireEye Flexible Defense is vendor-agnostic and ready for physical, virtual, and cloud-based deployments. The platform integrates with most major hardware, software, and cloud provider solutions. There are many other customizations available too, such as a ruggedized ATA compliant case for the harsher environments, and standard travel options (see sample dimensions in Figure 2), all without the loss of functionality or detection efficacy.

Figure 2: Sample dimensions for the portable FireEye Flexible Defense solution

No matter what the mission is, FireEye Flexible Defense is ready for the security battlefield. Get more information about FireEye Flexible Defense by reading our data sheet.