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Rising to the Challenge

In June, Symphony Technology Group (STG) announced its intent to sponsor the combination of McAfee Enterprise and our FireEye business. With today’s official acquisition close, we begin our next chapter.

As I reflect on my time at FireEye, I have been continuously impressed by the expertise of our team and their dedication to solving our customers’ toughest security challenges. I am proud of the innovative work across our entire portfolio, which enables us to detect the advanced security threats others miss. Our recent launch of FireEye XDR showcases our unique ability to provide sensors for threat vectors that matter and third-party security tool integrations to give customers what they want: freedom and choice for how they want to protect their organization.

This next chapter in our journey is a personal one. I spent seven years with McAfee Enterprise before joining FireEye. I remember how tough the decision was to leave McAfee Enterprise – it’s always hard leaving a company you put so much of yourself into and love. I wondered if I was making the right decision to join FireEye’s mission, but I wanted to embrace a new perspective to a challenging problem, and I was always impressed by FireEye’s work. So you can imagine how excited I am now that STG plans to combine FireEye with McAfee Enterprise!

I cannot wait for the FireEye team to work with their new colleagues at McAfee Enterprise. Collectively, we are dedicated to making the world a safer place and have some of the best cybersecurity expertise in the business. Each team brings an extensive and unmatched cybersecurity portfolio to the table, along with extremely dedicated and talented teams. It’s a lot like life’s great partners: R2-D2 and C-3PO and Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. There is something special about each on their own, but they achieve so much more once paired together.

The combined heritage of FireEye and McAfee Enterprise brings a unique perspective to the challenges we will solve for customers and how we will drive innovations to stay ahead of the adversary. FireEye’s detection with McAfee Enterprise’s prevention will rise to the challenge of today’s complex cybersecurity environments.

We have an opportunity to disrupt the market as we focus on the innovations of tomorrow. It’s just the beginning…