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FireEye posts blog entries under threat research to present and discuss cyber attacks and threat intelligence from a technical perspective. These blog posts cover everything from exploits and vulnerabilities, to advanced malware and targeted attacks.

    Strategic Analysis: As Russia-Ukraine Conflict Continues, Malware Activity Rises

    By Kenneth Geers
    Cyber conflicts are a reflection of traditional, “real life” human conflicts. And the more serious the conflict in the “real world,” the more conspicuous its cyber shadow is likely to be. So let’s look at a serious, current international conflict – the one between Russia and Ukraine – to see if we can find its reflection in cyberspace.One of the most reliable ways to discover computer network operations is to look for Read more...

    The 2013 FireEye Advanced Threat Report!

    By Kenneth Geers
    FireEye has just released its 2013 Advanced Threat Report (ATR), which provides a high-level overview of the computer network attacks that FireEye discovered last year. In this ATR, we focused almost exclusively on a small, but very important subset of our overall data analysis – the advanced persistent threat (APT). APTs, due to their organizational structure, mission focus, and likely some level of nation-state support, often pose a more serious danger to Read more...

    Hacking a Revolution

    By Kenneth Geers
    Ukrainian protesters. (Credit: Ryan Anderson. Used under Creative Commons CC-BY-SA-3.0 license.) In April 2005, General Boris Miroshnikov, head of the Russian police's cybercrime division (Department К for “Кибер” or “Cyber”), announced that Russian hackers were the “best in the world.”  At DEF CON 13 that year, I explained how Soviet scientists had honed their reverse engineering skills on Western products for decades during the Cold War. More recently, Western reporting such as Read more...

    New FireEye Report: World War C

    By Kenneth Geers
    National security decision makers need to know – is cyber war fact or fiction? When the theater of operations is invisible, hype may be our single greatest enemy. Cyber war skeptics raise valid points, such as the current known number of human casualties caused by cyber attacks: zero. But … that’s not the end of the story, because we are only at the beginning of the Internet era. It is true that Read more...

    Syrian Electronic Army Hacks Major Communications Websites

    By Kenneth Geers, Ayed Alqartah
    Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) has recently compromised three widely-used online communications websites, each of which could have serious real-world consequences for Syria’s political opposition.July 16: SEA hacked the Swedish site Truecaller, home to the world's largest online telephone directory, with over a billion phone numbers in over 100 countries. SEA claimed this attack also gave it access codes to more than a million Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Gmail accounts. The initial attack Read more...