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FireEye posts blog entries under threat research to present and discuss cyber attacks and threat intelligence from a technical perspective. These blog posts cover everything from exploits and vulnerabilities, to advanced malware and targeted attacks.

    Get Set Null Java Security

    By Abhishek Singh, Shray Kapoor
    Java, being widely used by the applications, has also been actively targeted by malware authors. One of the most common techniques to exploit Java applications, is to disable the security manager. This blog provides widely used logic used by malware authors to disable the security manager.Per the Java tutorial:‘A security manager is an object that defines a security policy for an application. This policy specifies actions that are unsafe or sensitive. Any actions Read more...

    The Dingo and the Baby

    By Shray Kapoor, Vinay Pidathala
    SUMMARY: FireEye has been tracking an APT campaign for a while and we have noticed that this attack is currently active and targeting companies.In this case, the campaign uses the name of the company it targets in the CnC domain name. Data mining and hunting for further samples, we found that this malware consistently uses either names of companies or a project that a specific company is working on in its CnC Read more...